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2019 VF Summer Garage Sale

The Summer Garage Sale for The Village Farms will be held on September 13 & 14.  This is an individual sale.  If you are not participating, please keep your garage doors closed and vehicles locked for safety.  Please use caution with the extra traffic in the area.

This Spring's turnout was impressive.  Tidy up heading into fall, make a few bucks, and join the fun!

An ad has been placed in the Indianapolis Star and signage will be posted in advance at all neighborhood entrances.  Here's a few handy tips to remember while you're setting up:

What you don't sell can be kept for the next neighborhood sale weekend in May, or consider one of local charities including the OLMC HELP center, Goodwill, AMVETS or others.

Please feel free to email Jennifer Trenner at  if you have any questions.  Good luck, have fun, and happy selling!