The Village Farms Homeowners Association is comprised of fellow neighbors who volunteer their time and energy to make VF a great place to live!

With a community as large as ours (over 760 homes), many opportunities exist to involve residents in many different activities. The HOA Board leadership encourages all homeowners to contribute to the well-being of the place we all call home. We want to continue to be known as a desirable, active neighborhood in Westfield, thanks to our collective efforts at building on the rich history of 40 years as a neighborhood.

All Board of Directors members may be reached at .


As the Homeowners Association, we strive to manage our community in responsible and effective ways. Some of the goals the HOA stands by include:

  1. Protect the property values of residents. Our community covenants have certain rules and standards, such as proper maintenance of the house and lawn that are enforced to maintain the aesthetics of the community, which in turn maintains and builds value in our homes. Our neighborhood is appealing to home buyers because of this and homes sell quickly.
  2. Be fiscally responsible. Our HOA provides transparency, is fiscally responsible and works within a strict annual budget for improvements, maintenance and insurance needs.
  3. Provide and maintain essential services like security and recreational facilities. Our property manager does an excellent job of managing and maintaining our pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, and common areas as well as working with the Westfield Police Department for any traffic or safety concerns.
  4. Create a community environment. We organize community events designed for you to get to know other residents and build more of a "neighborhood" feeling. We are working to build additional ways to connect with and assist our neighbors, including online tools.


The HOA Board Officers consist of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.


Standing committees each have an elected Director.  Volunteers are welcome to get involved with any of these committees.

  • Civic Affairs
  • Common Property / Landscaping
  • Social Activities and Events
  • Lakes and Dams
  • Common Property Recreation
  • Contract Development
  • Resident Communications
  • Technology